All of us do a business and do not see what happen around...
...Our Charity foundation

That´s the reason why we start our own project to help the humans in countries where we earn our margins and profits. We spread the arragement into different kind of resources. We name not all of them, but for some we have special relationship.


Philippine-German-Community-Oberberg supported by the president of the Philippines

Hospitz St. Hildegard

A great hospice in Bochum Germany, people helping people during their last days.

Kinderhospitz Sterntaler

This is a special hospice for children

Suppenkueche Bochum

...sharing food with those of us in need.

Wattenscheider Tafel

Supplying food and helping our less fortunate homeless.

Aktion Lichtblicke

A charity that supplies assistance to people affected by disasters in Germany

Lebenshilfe Lindlar

Institution for helping the handicapped

Tierheim Wipperfürth

A local animal shelter

Annele-Meinerzhagen Stiftung

Selfless people helping the seniors and sick that require assistance in their everyday life

Swim Charity South Africa

A help to the decreasing levels of child drowning’s in South Africa.

TUS Fussballjugend Vereinsheim

Soccer community for young people in our town.


Foundation for the promotion of literacy in the world

Flood Ahr

In Rheinland Pfalz we helped by hand, money and goods


Motivates Children, especially in the Corona period.


Bicycle race, local marathon, sports and more ...

It is a wounderful feeling to be able to help others. Please feel free to help these charity´s too or choose your own.
The feeling of helping others in need will bring a smile to your face.